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Missing braces on \o{} at clonedb.pl line 245, near “$lne’ , ‘$clonedbdir”

Posted by sriram on February 23, 2018

There is a known issue with clonedb.pl script,  you might end-up with “Missing braces on \o{} at clonedb.pl line 245, near “$lne’ , ‘$clonedbdir”  Especially if you are using perl Vv5.10.1.

 Actual Line: print OUTFILE1 “dbms_dnfs.clonedb_renamefile(‘$lne’,’$clonedbdir/\ora_data_$cldbname$i.dbf’); \n”; 

You will get the Error when this Line of code  executed and “\o” is the root cause in Perl Execution. 


to avoid this, just define a new Variable $var, for Ex,  in my case,  $var = “ora_data”; and place it in the Script to get the Job Done. 

‘$clonedbdir/\ora_data_$cldbname$i.dbf’); to ‘$clonedbdir/$var\_$cldbname$i.dbf’);

Make changes in the Script as needed.



Thank you for giving your valuable time to read the above information. Happy Coding !. 😉


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